Research Publications Papers

  • "Smart LDAP -based DNS Management System"
  • International Journal of Emerging Research in Management &Technology ISSN: 2278-9359 (Volume-4, Issue-5): Mr. Srinath Tailor Depatment of Computer Science
  • "Application of Fdtd Method in Simulation of Flat-Top Beam in Optical Fiber....667 "
  • International Journal of pure and applied mathematiocs-2012 proceedings has been published on line in ISSN on-line version: 1314-3395 (Volume 83, Issue-5) 2013. Y. Garg, K. Sharma, M. Mishra Department of Engineering Technology
  • "National Human Rights Commission / Vo1.10,2013"
  • Dr. Indresh Kumar Misra/ Manvadhikar : Nai dishayen / Vol. 10, 2013/National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi. ISSN No. 0973-7588.

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