• Dr. Awadh Dubey
    (22 Nov 2014)
  • Mr. R. V. Bala, VP Reliance - on 4G Technology
  • Seminar on Holistic Breeding of Professionals by Mr. Harmendra Pal, MD, Aptean India
  • Dr. Surinder Kapur, MD, Sona Auto Group
  • Seminar on English by Mr. N. S. Bissa
  • Team ZTE, India at PU Campus
  • Seminar on "Managerial Effectiveness". Mr Sandeep Singh from Matrix Partners
  • Seminar on "Environmental and Electronic Pollution" with Prof A.B. Gupta of MNIT, Jaipur
  • Sunil Khandelwal from Gas Safe India NGO at Safety Awareness Programme held at PU

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